45/ month
  • Home Internet up to 30/10Mbps
  • Standard installation gratis
  • Mobile with unlimited calls in Spain
  • 100 minutes of international calls included
  • 6GB of mobile 4G data
  • Free EU Roaming
  • Add landline for 1€ per month
  • No Permanency

Refundable equipment deposit

Deposit 90€ for installed equipment is fully refundable in 2 instalments, 45€ after 12 months of contract and 45€ after 24 months.

There is no deposit in case of 12 months advance payment.

Mobile Service Conditions

Service exclusively for personal use.
  • The user will abstain from illegally or abusively using the MariposaNet Mobile Service, including the use thereof for specific electrical, electronic and / or telecommunications systems or equipment, such as: baby-watch, Walkie-Talkie, telephone switchboard, other . Neither may be used for commercial purposes in shops or businesses identified as Internet cafe.
  • Likewise, with an enunciative and non-limiting character, an unreasonable or irregular use is presumed when the Customer uses more than 3,000 minutes per month, calls more than 150 different destinations or makes continuous calls lasting more than 60 minutes on average.
After 3000 minutes:
  • 4 cents / min
  • 18 cents / call establishment
  • 10 cents / SMS
  • 52 cents / International SMS

After 6 GB you can continue browsing without cuts 1GB more at 16 kbps or choose additional data bonus.

Zone EU – international calls included

The international destinations included in this tariff are the EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,  Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Romania and Sweden; and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Frequently asked questions

What is essential to install service?

Your (own or rented) property must be in coverage of our transmitters networks. Direct line of sight between receiver and base station is essential in most cases, hence usually antenna is installed in higher places of the property or on the roof. Our engineers always check signal levels and discuss with you everything (required antenna position, cabling, prevised additional costs if applies) before attempting to install.

How long does the installation last?

Usually typical installation lasts about 1 hour.

What is included in standard installation?

Typical, standard installation includes registration, installation and configuration of receiver and wireless router, 10 meters of high quality, shielded, external ethernet cable connecting receiver with router and initial 1 hour of labour.

All provided equipment (receiver and routers) are sole property of MariposaNet and must be returned after contract termination.

What about "not standard" costs?

If your installation is more complex, you have special wishes (e.g. installation of additional wireless access points) and/or we need to use more cable and/or we need to spend more time for installation (e.g. running additional cabling from roof or through community building), following costs applies:

Additional ethernet cable is 1,80€ per meter

Additional labour time is 60€ per hour, counted 15€ for every 15 minutes.

Installation and configuration of additional routers / access points – 40€ each

How do I pay for installation?

You can pay for installation in cash or by debit/credit card.

With installation costs you also pay for the remaining days until the end of the calendar month.

What about monthly payments?

For all monthly based contracts, payments can be done in distance by direct debit, debit/credit card, wire transfer or you can visit us in office and pay by card or in cash.

How does Hibernation work?

Hibernation – line “suspension" during calendar months you are out of Tenerife and don't use service.

To “suspend" line, you have to notify us in writing with at least 10 days notice and specify for which months (maximum of 6 full calendar ones) connection should be “suspended"

During Hibernation, Internet access on your line is blocked.

For fixed term contracts, hibernation months do not compute to permanency periods.