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Protecting the individual's privacy is fundamental for us. Manuel Mariposa Consulting S.L., CIF B76566116, telecommunications operator, trading under the registered trademark MariposaNet and its logo (together “MariposaNet"), registered at Calle La Golondrina 2/44 – 38632 – Palm-Mar with Public Customer Service Office at Calle Brasil 6 – 38639 – Las Chafiras, has created this privacy statement to show our firm commitment to the individual’s right of privacy. We want to inform you in full transparency about the processing we can perform with your personal data so that you can make a decision about it. Therefore, we ask you to read this Privacy Policy. 

The main objective of our Privacy Policy is to ensure full compliance with current regulations on data protection and privacy and security in the processing of your personal data

In this Privacy Policy we explain how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information as a result of the contracting and use of our services, products and / or browsing our Website. This Privacy Policy will be updated, but every time we make a change we will publish it on our website (“Website").

Terms used in this Privacy Policy:

·      “We / our / us" mean MariposaNet;

·      “Third party / Third-party" means a third person or entity other than you and MariposaNet

Personal information we collect about you

The information we collect about you and how we do it may vary depending on the services and products you use and the ones you subscribe to, the way how you have used them, how you have interacted with MariposaNet, for example ordering installation of service or registering on the Website to request commercial information, answering surveys, etc. (even if you are not our client), of your use of the Website or of the information we have obtained from a third party with your permission to share it with us. 

Also, you should know that any of our services can has other specific Privacy Policy which about we will let you know in the event that you contract or use these services.


MariposaNet may use your personal data to:

  • Formalize the contract with us and allow its subsequent execution, for example, in order for us to provide the service to you. We need to collect data like time, duration, data usage of connection that allows us to generate your invoice, depending on your usage or resolve any problems that you report to us. We also need to perform credit checks to allow the contracting of our services or products or perform debt recovery actions in case of them.
  • Satisfy so-called legitimate commercial interest/balancing of interests of MariposaNet, this applies to our processing of personal data in order to manage, maintenance of the security of our networks and services, improve our service, prevent of fraud, send of commercial communications about our products and services. In some cases, you have the right to oppose these processing. For more information, visit the Your Rights section of this Privacy Policy.
  • Comply with a legal obligation, like, for example, to keep your traffic data in order to comply with current legislation on data preservation or to comply with tax obligations.
  • Process your data according to the consent that you have given us in cases in which MariposaNet is not based on another legal basis. For example, send advertising to third parties with which MariposaNet have commercial agreements, process your traffic data, browsing, billing or location for commercial purposes or use anonymous and aggregate information generated for the purpose of information analysis. In any case, you can always revoke the consent that you would have given us. For more information, visit the Your Rights section of this policy.


We will collect your personal information when, for example: 

    • You buy or use any of our services and/or products,
    • you use our network or other MariposaNet service and/or product,
    • you register to request information about a specific product or service or to contract it or use it,
    • subscribe to newsletters, alerts or other services,
    • you get in touch with us through any of our communications channels,
    • you participate in a survey, contest or raffle,
    • you visit or browse our website,
    • you have given your permission to other third-party companies, such as our collaborators or suppliers to share your information with us; 
    • When your information is publicly available, and its use is legally permitted.

  • We collect also information from certain organizations when appropriate and to the extent that we have legal reasons to do so. These include fraud prevention agencies, credit verification agencies and network providers.

    We use cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and other techniques such as web beacons (small image files used to track your movements on our website. ). For more details about the use we make of these cookies and how to exclude yourself from these options, consult our Cookies Policy of our Website.

    The types of your personal information we may collect are

    • Your name, ID, address, telephone number and / or mobile, date of birth, gender and email address; 
    • Your credit or debit card information, information about your bank account and other banking information required to proceed payments for our services.
    • Your traffic data. These are data that we see to provide connectivity such as the numbers you call, the time of establishment and duration of the call or the amount of data you are using,
    • Your location data. This can be accurate when you use Global Positioning System (GPS) data or location through nearby cells and Wi-Fi hotspots and allows us to provide services based on your location. We can also know your location (in a less precise way) by knowing your IP address,
    • your data obtained through a contact you make with us and that consists in the recording of the call you make to one of our telephone numbers, if you use a live chat to  inquiry about services and/or resolve problems, if you send an email or a letter, or any other contact record with us;
    • The information of your account as a client, such as the payment dates of invoices owed or received , dates of registration and cancellation of services, subscriptions to services you use, information related to your account, 
    • credentials information such as access passwords and user names to access our services and accounts,
    • your preferences for certain products, services and lifestyle activities in case you let us know; 
    • Information we get from other sources, such as credit bureaus, agencies of fraud prevention and other data providers. This includes demographic data, data based on interest and browsing behavior on the Internet.

  • We will not collect or treat information about minors or information that may be classified as more sensitive of the type: sexual orientation, relationship affiliation, religion, health or race.

    We will also obtain information on how you use our services and products, like:

    • The quality of service you receive, for example, network or service failures and other events that may affect our network or other services; 
    • Details of your use of services or specific products, for example:
      • Every time you use your mobile phone or your fixed number, a record is kept. This includes the number you have called or sent an SMS or MMS, the duration, date and time of that call, SMS or MMS and your approximate location at the time of communication (depending on the location of the closest cell) from which you have established call or sent message) (the latter in the case of mobile telephony). The same is also recorded every time you receive an incoming call or message. However, you have to know that we do not know the content of these calls or messages.

    How we use your personal information 

    We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

    • To offer service
      •  Process your order and provide you services and/or products. 
        • Process the order of the services and/or products you have ordered and keep you informed of the progress of your order;
          • Provide the corresponding service or product.
      •   Billing and Customer Service 
        • to invoice or charge you for the use of our services and/or products, 
        • to contact you if the billing information you provided is not up to date, will expire soon or the payment is not accepted; 
        • to answer any question or concerns you may have about our network, services or products.
      •  Service information messages
        • We will contact you to keep updated with information about the products and services you have with us. For example, changes to our terms and conditions or service interruptions.
      • Providing roaming services. 
        • Improve your roaming experience, to ensure that we are complying with our reasonable usage commitments, detecting and resolving the fraudulent use of our networks (and our associated roaming networks) and solve technical problems that you may experiencing.
        • Understand how our roaming service works, if it is done as planned or if it is necessary to introduce improvements.
    • To improve our service 
      • Improve and innovate our products and services 
        • We compile anonymous information, not associated with its owner and added to improve the service. 
      • Manage our networks and understand the use of the network
        • to protect our networks and manage the volumes of calls, text messages and other uses of our networks. For example, we identify peaks of usage to try to ensure that networks can support the volume that exists at those times and plan upgrades,
        • to understand how you use our networks, services and products. In this way we can try to review, develop more interesting and relevant products and services, as well as customize our services and products to your needs.
    • Marketing & Adaptation of our service to your needs
      • Marketing and Profiling
        • In the case that you are our client, MariposaNet has legitimate interest in keeping you informed about the new products and services of MariposaNet. We adapt these messages according to the types of products and services you have contracted.
        • We can send you newsletters, invite you to participate in a survey or inform you about prize draws or contests.
        • We can personalize these messages even more using information related to the use of services, information about your location and information about your navigation, traffic and billing, provided that you have expressly authorized us to do so.
        • If you have expressly authorized us, we will also contact you to inform you about MariposaNet products and / or services of third party companies with which MariposaNet has reached an agreement, belonging to different sectors of activity such as insurances, finances, real estates and telecommunications.
        • we will contact you by mail or email, phone or push notices through our applications during the term of the contract and later.
      • Online advertising 
        • To be able to provide you with relevant business information, you will be able to view online directed advertising based on the use of cookies. This is known as interest-based advertising. It can occur on our website, organizations and other online media such as social networks. We may also combine the data collected through cookies with other data we have collected. If you do not want us to use the information we obtain through cookies, check our Cookies Policy to exclude them.
        • Remember that the voluntary exclusion of interest-based advertising will not prevent ads from showing – but will not adapt to your interests.
        • We can use entities like Facebook or Google to carry out this type of online advertising activities, but they are not provided with information that allows them to identify you individually.
    • Profile Generation
      • Sometimes we will need to draw your profile, with the purpose of security, fraud and credit analysis. 
      •  Credit analysis and identity verification 
        • MariposaNet conducts an analysis of your credit before you sign up for our services and/or products.
        • We will also use your personal information to verify your identity, so you can access your personal account and to manage that account.
      • Fraud Prevention and Security
        • We will process your data traffic in order to protect ourselves and detect possible fraud, protect and detect bad uses or damages against our networks, recover debts or track people with open debts with us for the use of our services. 

    How we share your personal information 

    • In the case where it is necessary, we may share information about you with:
      • Companies associated with MariposaNet, mainly for internal report purposes.
      • Business partners, service vendors, authorized third-party agents or contractors to provide a requested service or product, including processing orders, processing credit card transactions and providing customer support, or providing you with information on services and/or products that may be of interest to you. 
      • Credit, fraud prevention or business rating companies, or any other type of credit rating agencies.
      • Debt recovery or any other type of debt recovery agencies.
      • Judges and courts, government agencies or other public authorities in case of obligation or legal authorization.
      • Third parties where a disclosure of this type is necessary to comply with the law applicable or other legal or judicial requirements.
      • Emergency Services (if you make an emergency call), including your approximate location.
      • Third parties for joint promotions with said third party. These third parties will be responsible for complying with all applicable privacy laws, in the event that you have authorized us to do so.
      • Other third parties, when you have given them consent to disclose your information for authentication and fraud prevention purposes.
    • Fraud Control and Judges
      • We will communicate your information, in a reasonable manner, in order to protect against fraud, defend our rights or our properties or protect the interests of our customers.
      • We may also need to communicate your information to comply with our obligations to the requirements of the authorities. Your personal data should only be provided when, in good faith, we believe that we are required to do so according to the law and according to a thorough evaluation of all legal requirements.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • In the event that MariposaNet is involved in a market movement, if necessary to continue providing services, we may provide your data to third parties involved, for example, if MariposaNet would be acquired or merged with another entity. Third parties with whom we work, when you acquire our services and/or products through a third party or a collaborating organization, we often exchange information with them as part of that relationship and in order to manage your account – for example, to be able to identify your order and process it.

For how long we store your personal information.


We will store your information during the time indicated by law. If it is not required by law, we will only store it for the necessary time. As a general rule, once you have stopped being a MariposaNet client, we will keep your information for a period of six years, mainly for tax purpose. The data related to your traffic (data generated in your telephone calls and navigation) will be maintained for a maximum period of twelve months from when they were generated and exclusively to respond to possible legal requirements. We can contact you about services offered by MariposaNet during this time if you have not voluntarily excluded yourself from receiving any type of commercial communication from us.


Saving your personal information securely


We constantly review and improve our security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.

Communications over the Internet (such as emails) are not secured unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may pass through an unknown number of countries before being delivered, given the nature of the Internet itself.

We may not accept any liability in case of unauthorized access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

We will never ask you for any kind of personal information through the internet through an unofficial means of communication. You are responsible for keeping both your personal information and your account information secure, as well as not sharing it with others. If you have any questions, please contact us before providing your information.

Our Website can provide links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the security or content of your web pages. Be sure to read the privacy policy and cookies policy of these companies before using or entering personal information on their web pages. The same applies to any web page or third-party content that you connect to while using our services or products.

You can choose to disclose your information in certain ways, such as social network plugins (including those offered by Google and Facebook) or using other third-party services that allow you to post information publicly. A third party could use this information. The plugins and applications of social networks are operated by the social network itself and are subject to their own terms of use and privacy and cookies policies. You should make sure that you are familiar with these terms.

Your rights 

Below, we explain the rights in terms of data protection that assist you and how you can exercise them:


Right to rectify personal data

You have the right to rectify information stored about you if it is not accurate. If the information we store needs to be updated, or you think it may be wrong, you can contact us to update it.


Right to access personal data

You have the right to request access and further information concerning the processing of your information. You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data that we process relating to you free of charge once (1) every calendar year. For any additional copies requested by you, we may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.


Right to the portability of data

You also have right to data portability for processing of personal data that is based on the legal basis consent or fulfilment of agreement.


Right to oppose the use of personal data

You have the right, in some circumstances, to oppose the processing of your personal information by us.


Right to deletion

MariposaNet strives to process and retain your data only the time we need. In some circumstances, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data that we have stored. This data will be kept blocked and accessible only by certain people in case we need to respond to any claim or respond to our obligations.


Right of limitation

You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your data so that MariposaNet can store your data, but not use them. This right can only be exercised in certain circumstances, like:

That you inform us of the inaccuracy of your personal data, during the period we need to verify the accuracy of them.

Opposed to some processing that MariposaNet makes based on legitimate interest, during the term we need to verify that your right prevails over this interest.

When MariposaNet no longer needs personal data for the purposes of the processing, but you need them for the formulation, the exercise or defense of claims.


Voluntary exclusion of advertising messages: 

If you do not want to receive advertising messages from MariposaNet, you can choose to exclude yourself voluntarily from all our advertising communications or from certain contact methods chosen (email, SMS MMS, telephone or postal mail).

There are several ways to exclude yourself voluntarily:

·      Contact our Customer Support, 

·      click on the link at the end of an email or text message advertising to cancel your subscription;

·      If you receive an advertising call, tell it to the person you are talking to.

·      sending e-mail to privacy @ or letter to MariposaNet to Calle Brasil 6, 38639 Las Chafiras, San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, Spain. In your letter/email please state your full name and contact information with a photocopy of your ID.


Excluding yourself voluntarily does not mean that you are going to stop receiving merely informative messages related to the service we provide you. You will continue to receive these messages.


In some cases, you can receive advertising from MariposaNet, even if you have never been a customer or have never had any contact with MariposaNet. This is the result of third-party advertising lists that MariposaNet may acquire from time to time (eg Facebook, Google or others). If you have registered your voluntary exclusion from such advertising, you should not receive any message. If you still receive them, we ask you to let us know immediately by the means indicated above.


Claims & Questions

To exercise your rights, or if you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact us at the following address: privacy @ or MariposaNet, Calle Brasil 6, 38639 Las Chafiras, San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, Spain. In your letter/email please state your full name and contact information with a photocopy of your ID. You can also call us at +34 822 241 600.




If you have any complaints regarding our processing of your personal data, you may file a complaint to the competent data protection authority. You can find out more about the local data protection authorities under the following link: