Mobile Unlimited 60GB

Unlimited 60GB
17,46/ month
  • Unlimited calls in Spain
  • 60GB of 4G+ data
  • Transfer your existing number or get new one
  • No Permanency


Service exclusively for personal use.
  • The user will abstain from illegally or abusively using the MariposaNet Mobile Service, including the use thereof for specific electrical, electronic and / or telecommunications systems or equipment, such as: baby-watch, Walkie-Talkie, telephone switchboard, other . Neither may be used for commercial purposes in shops or businesses identified as Internet cafe.
  • Likewise, with an enunciative and non-limiting character, an unreasonable or irregular use is presumed when the Customer uses more than 6,000 minutes per month, calls more than 150 different destinations or makes continuous calls lasting more than 60 minutes on average.
After 6000 minutes:
  • 4 cents / min
  • 18 cents / call establishment
  • 10 cents / SMS
  • 52 cents / International SMS

After 60 GB you can continue browsing without cuts 1GB more at 16 kbps or choose additional data bonus.